When The Constitution Was Written, There Was A Debate Over What It Means For Today

I’ve spent a good deal of time in Washington over the last few years arguing that we need to reexamine the Constitution as a document that was written for the 19th century, in which the Constitution was not only a foundational document but a very clear and present danger to democracy.The document was written to…

Published by admin inJuly 4, 2021

I’ve spent a good deal of time in Washington over the last few years arguing that we need to reexamine the Constitution as a document that was written for the 19th century, in which the Constitution was not only a foundational document but a very clear and present danger to democracy.

The document was written to ensure that the government would be able to exercise power over the people in a manner that would not lead to a revolution, but instead to a system of rule that would lead to tyranny.

And this is what we need now.

We need to revisit the Constitution to understand what it means to be a democracy in the 21st century.

The Constitution was written by people who thought it would be a good idea to have a republic.

That is, a republic with a king and a king-appointed legislature, where the people elected the king and the king-elected legislature had the power to govern themselves.

The people had no real power at the time.

So they wrote the Constitution in such a way that they could have a monarchy.

It was written so that the people could have the power of kings.

That was the point.

The framers knew they had to have an oligarchy in order to preserve democracy.

That’s what they were talking about in the Bill of Rights.

But it’s not true.

The Framers didn’t want a monarchy because they knew that would mean that the king would have a lot of power over people, because they thought that would be an oligarchic system, a monarchy that would make it harder for people to be governed.

So the Framers put a clause in the Constitution that says, No King shall have any Power over the Person or Property of the United States.

That clause was written after the American Revolution.

It’s a very old clause that’s written in a language that wasn’t written in 1787.

It had to do with the power that the United Kingdom had over the colonies, which was quite different from the power the king had over people.

But the Framing people, in particular James Madison, who was a lawyer and a constitutional scholar, did put this clause in because they had so much concern about the monarchy and wanted to prevent a government of kings that was based on the rule of a single person.

And they did this in the context of what we now call a constitutional monarchy.

So, for example, when the framers were drafting the Constitution, they knew what the American Founding Fathers had in mind.

They didn’t have a constitutional monarch.

They did not want to have another one.

They wanted a constitutional democracy.

They had a constitutional king.

They were not worried about the monarch being a king who had absolute power.

So what they wanted to do was give people the power, not the absolute power, the right to govern.

So this is one of the major reasons that the framings first amendment was so important.

It says, “No person, firm, partnership, or corporation, shall enjoy any Office or Emolument under them, which shall be vested in a president of the united States.”

That is the only one of these that has to do specifically with the president.

But because the Framings first Amendment is a guarantee against the king having absolute power over any office or emolument, it gives us the right not to have that.

Now, we can’t take the First Amendment literally.

It is written in such language that it is not really clear that it gives the American people the right and the power they have now.

And so when I say the framing people were thinking about what they did, they were thinking in terms of the Constitution.

They weren’t thinking in the political sphere.

But in a sense, the framering people were doing exactly what we do today.

They’re thinking about democracy.

So it was in a way the first amendment is just a reminder of what the Framering people knew was going to happen, but the Framedters were thinking very carefully about what would happen.

But they were also thinking about the republic that was coming in the next hundred years.

The republic of 1776, which they wrote in such an extraordinary way, was not a republic of kings and queens.

It wasn’t a republic that would take power from one person to another.

It would give power to the people to govern their own affairs.

They called it a democracy.

And that’s what the framedings first and second amendments are all about.

It doesn’t mean that it’s a constitutional republic.

The second amendment gives the people the same right to self-government, as the first and the third amendments do, and it’s the same in that we give the people a different constitutional rights and freedoms than they have today.

Now we can talk about the constitutional republic that we’re living in.

The Second Amendment of the Bill Of Rights, for instance, says that it protects the right of the people “to keep and bear arms.”

In other words, the Bill is really about the


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